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Bringing Princess Magic to Charleston

Charleston City Paper

"Sarah Callahan Black spends her days hanging out with princesses."

"The company brings fun, magical experiences to children by introducing them to the arts and letting them explore their imaginative side. The performances she and her actors bring to the princesses only make the characters more real for children."

Best Local Actress

Charleston City Paper Awards

"Sarah Callahan Black does it all. What else would you expect from a 21st-century actress? Besides acting; Black can call herself a singer, dancer, choreographer, and makeup artist — a modern day princess, if you will."
-Charleston City Paper

Emperor's New Clothes

Sprouts Musical Theatre

"Sarah Callahan Black plays the lead “tailor” (with a nice Boston accent) and is as relaxed on stage as she has ever been. With Mr. Gill as her mindless henchman, she anchors the performance and steers the plot with natural grace and charm."

-Peter Ingle Charleston Today

Cosplay Spotlight

Word of the Nerd Online

"If there are people who are fans of my cosplay, I hope they know I really do love the characters I cosplay so much and their support has really inspired me to do the best I can! Also, I can burp the ABC’s."


Small Mouth Sounds

PURE Theatre

 "Each cast member holds his or her own in fine, subtle performances that tease out subtext without any text, while also enabling the audience to actively take the journey to get to the heart of whatever matter is at hand" -Charleston City Paper



What If? Productions

"Dark and gritty, hilarious and heartbreaking, Cabaret is musical theatre at its best: thought provoking and brimming with complex emotions, wonderfully realized by the cast and crew of What If? Productions." -Matt Dobie The Art Mag

Sarah Callahan

London Wall

Village Repertory Theatre

"Sarah Callahan as Miss Bufton, the flirt of the group who clearly has the most fun...I have to hand it to the ladies, who handle the patronizing tone of Every. Single. Male. Character. with grace and humor, then strut their way offstage in amazing shoes." -Haydn Haring Charleston Grit

Sarah Callahan

Sprouts Children's Theatre

"Sprouts veteran Sarah Callahan played the Miller’s Maid....The duo did not have elaborate costumes or sets but exuded tremendous energy. The children were entertained for the length of the performance, which included much interaction that led to a hullabaloo of animated laughter." -Ishani Chatterji

Sarah Callahan

Little Red Riding Hood

Sprouts Musical Theatre

"Sarah is a natural on stage and full of zest (in whatever character she plays)" -Peter Ingle Charleston Today

Sarah Callahan

No Hole Holiday

Sprouts Musical Theatre

“It’s good that art can give back. This is a good holiday treat for them and will make them happier. That’s why I like doing children’s theater,” said Sarah Callahan, who plays Axel the Elf.
-Jade McDuffie Post and Courier

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